Meet Jill

Accredited Ideal Breath Coach & Neurolinguistic Programme Practitioner 

Hi there, 
          I'm Jill and here's my story.

I had suffered from asthma from a young age.


Whilst living at home, my mother managed this without medication, wise woman, however once I started on my nursing career I was introduced to Ventolin.


And boy did I become hooked, my symptoms just kept getting worse.

I was fit and healthy, to my mind – but I was taking huge amounts of medication and my breathing was atrocious, until I learned how to reverse my symptoms and take charge of my health.

I studied with the Russian Medical Professor, Konstantin Pavlovic Buteyko.  He was a font of knowledge and guided me on a journey that reversed my symptoms gave me back my health, stamina and psychological wellbeing.


This did not conform with western medicine guidelines because it had no prescribed medication, and it was difficult to get any of the governing bodies to engage.

The claim was that there was no clinical evidence that this would work, and no one was interested in funding a trial for a method that would make people better and reduce or eliminate the need for medication.


Clinical trials are funded by Pharmaceutical Companies to prove the medication works.

I took positive action and sold my house, and committed 35% of my salary to carry out a clinical trial - I was taking on the establishment.


The results were outstanding but now I needed to share this with the world.

The coaching masters accreditation was not an easy course but one of the most informative I have every under taken.

I learned how to develop a 12-week course where I could now coach clients how to gain ideal breathing, gain optimal health and psychological wellbeing.

I also qualified as an NLP Practitioner which would further enhance my practice and support my clients.

My online business has been enhanced by the support from my mentors and personal coach.


This has given me the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world, my only requirement is my laptop and my phone.


I have financial freedom and enjoying a lifestyle I never thought possible.

I now enjoy spending precious time with my family and undertaking social activities that I had never thought possible.

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