Do you sigh frequently?

Do you wake up feeling exhausted?

Do you get a blocked nose?

Do you awaken with a dry mouth?

Do you ever experience fear / anxiety without reason?

Do you snore?

Do you have restless legs?

Are you often feeling fatigued?


Book a discovery session with me now.

What will happen in a complimentary discovery session with me?

A discovery session is a powerful way to start your coaching journey.
During our 1- hour session, we will find out where you are now, and where you want to

We will discover the negative belief patterns or blocks that are causing you to have
hidden hyperventilation which is preventing you from gaining ideal breathing, optimal
health and psychological wellbeing.

During the session you will get a clear overview of how coaching can help you. As I
begin to reveal how we gain that clarity and expose the confidence you have, we will be able to establish the changes you want to see in your life.

By the end of this session you will be able to see the path you can take to reveal that
clarity and confidence to help you gain ideal breathing, optimal health and psychological wellbeing.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process by which, a coach partners with a client to provide thought provoking sessions, to allow the client to gain clarity on any situation and inspire them to take positive action to reach their given goals.

Ideal Breath coaching is a professional programme delivered by a qualified coach and clinician providing support and knowledge that can guide you, to achieve well-formed outcomes.

I will support you to move from a place of feeling fatigued to one of awakening, feeling refreshed and ready to face each day with a spring in your step.

This will be in a graduated process to take you from your current status to where you want to be.

How I will help you?

We will work together to explore where you are now and where you want to get to.

We will identify achievable goals.

We will search for any limiting beliefs and use techniques to remove these obstacles to enable you to achieve the life you want / desire.

You will become skilled in areas that will support you to maintain your ideal breath, optimum health and psychological wellbeing.

You will develop life changing habits.

You will experience the freedom to spend more time with family and friends and enjoy this in social environments.

How coaching works

Ideal breath coaching works in a series of individual sessions - these are 1-2-1 online – and this will let you become comfortable and have the ability to develop trust, to build our professional relationship, and an absolute guarantee of completely confidentiality.

I have changed the lives of many clients across the whole age spectrum.

I have delivered babies and stimulated their first breath.

I have worked with terminally ill patients and ensured their passing was with dignity and peace.

Ideal breath coaching will extend the time from your first breath to your last providing an improved quality of life in between.

We will assess your daily activity and identify areas where your breathing is
compromised and develop coping mechanisms and strategies, which you can implement immediately.

Coaching style

I have a proven track record of a successful programme that has helped hundreds of clients gain ideal breathing, optimal health, and psychological wellbeing.

I will design and deliver a bespoke twelve - week programme which is directed by your desired outcomes and goals. We will dive deep into your psyche and identify what exactly you want and together we will create life changing habits.

You will become the best version of you with regular challenges throughout, where I will give you my full undivided support.

My style is direct, but considerate, caring but firm, and I will ask a lot of questions and hold you accountable for any planned actions.

I will encourage you to celebrate your successes and remind you of your commitment when the challenges are tough.

Throughout this programme we will have highs and lows as change is not easy. The world is your oyster and I can work with you to achieve it.
I do not make false promises, this will be your map to follow. We will work in the real world understanding there may be difficult times ahead.

We will manage whatever we come across, to ensure you achieve the success you desire to gain ideal breathing, optimal health, psychological wellbeing and create a life for you to enjoy.

I have studied extensively in my health career and have a wealth of knowledge which I can share with you to achieve your desired outcome.

I have gained recognition for my expertise and improvements made within the health sector on a national and international level by receiving awards such as:

Great Scot 2001

Pride of Britain Carer of the Year 2002

Cuban Angel Award for Innovation in Respiratory Health Care Havana Cuba 2004.

1 of 100 women who “went the extra mile for their cause” This is cast in ceramic on the wall of the Scottish Parliament. 2007.

I graduated this year as an International Accredited Coaching Master and registered with the IAPC&M.

I am also a qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner.

By taking charge of my own breathing and health I now have the skills to help you do the same.


This programme is an investment in yourself. You will be changing breathing habits that will permanently enhance you throughout the spectrum of life.

The Ideal breath coaching programme is affordable, which will help you to free up time to undertake elements of your life you have previously been unable to attempt.

Therefore, can you afford not to invest in your breathing, health and psychological wellbeing with Ideal breath coaching?

Money back guarantee.

For peace of mind, if you find within 30 days of starting the program you have not experienced any benefit then you will receive 100% of your money back no questions asked.

What to expect

Together we will explore your current situation and search for what you want and how you can get there.

There will be some discussions on your goals which will include what and how you want to achieve long term, in order to accomplish your desired outcomes.

You will document your goals and in turn develop your vision. The ability to document your goals and your progression will build an intense emotional connection, which in turn will assist in your motivation towards achieving the end goal.

We will review and monitor your goals continuously, to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. Your progress, will be constantly evaluated and modified accordingly to ensure you are on track.

The direction will be adapted and changed if required. You will regain your ideal breathing, achieve optimal health and psychological wellbeing.

Taking action is good for restoring and building confidence, there are no secrets to success, it is the result of your commitment, preparation, hard work and learning from your actions, even if you deviate from the programme we will build, this is not considered
a failure, it is just not the correct one at that time.

Contentment and happiness will depend on your current circumstances, changing will result in ensuring the best for you, with ideal breathing, optimal health and psychological wellbeing, providing you with a sense of freedom to pursue new goals and adventures.

Take Action

Ideal breath coaching, will enable you to build confidence to act in a way that brings out  the best of you and in those around you.

This is with the non-judgemental support and encouragement of someone who wants to help you be your best version of you!

You will experience all of the above, during our discovery sessions, which by the way is complimentary

Yes, that's right, the discovery session it is completely free!

Let’s see if we are a fit and we can start working together to make those changes, from having dysfunctional breathing, compromised health and psychological symptoms, to one of ideal breathing, optimal health and psychological wellbeing.

What are you waiting for …?


Book that discovery session now!

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