The Importance of Correct Breathing


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I am sure you are all aware of the concerning situation regarding the above. We have never observed or experienced such a situation. It is as French President Macron and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnston commented a 3rd world war and we cannot see the enemy – it is floating hidden in the air we breathe. Never in human history has correct breathing been more important, hence the reason for my communication. Keep calm and close your mouth.

Correct breathing - the structures and the role they play in maintaining good health and protecting our lungs

This diagram illustrates correct breathing – IN AND OUT

Nasal Sinuses and their function

Why is this important? – well we all have paranasal sinuses.
The function of these is: The sinuses lighten the skull and
improve our voices, but their main function is to produce a
mucus that moisturises the inside of the nose. This mucus layer
protects the nose from pollutants, micro-organisms such as
viruses and bacteria, as well as dust and dirt.

Nasal Turbinates /Conchae

Turbinates, which are also called nasal concha or conchae (plural), are shell-shaped networks of bones, vessels, and tissue within the nasal passageways. These structures are responsible for warming, humidifying, and filtering the air we breathe.
With awareness of the above structure and how to breathe in and out correctly, the human body does have a first line defence mechanism to fight any organism which attempts to invade and compromise our health.


This is an area where we have limited control of our breathing, but we can still follow simple measures such as:

Ensure we have slight elevation during sleep. By this I mean if you use one pillow – increase to two or three – if that is not viable – raise the top of the bed on two or three books. This assists the diaphragm effect in breathing by reducing the resistance created by lying flat.

Sleep on the left side – known technically as left lateral position of recovery position- this position ensures all internal organs are in correct alignment with no unnecessary pressure which could affect breathing.

Mouth closed – This is vital during this current crisis. It is imperative that we maintain a closed mouth during sleep. The above measures help but as muscle tone relaxes during our unconscious state, the jaw can drop, the lips fall part and the mouth is open – a direct route of entry for the virus. Consider the simple measure of applying a microporous tape - micro small – porous holes – so a tape with small holes placed vertically from nose to chin will assist in keeping the mouth closed. If it became uncomfortable during sleep you would unconsciously remove it.

Why is this important regarding COVID19?
This virus enters our body VIA the MOUTH. It can live on our gums and grow- this gives a sensation of sensitivity/ irritation or a general feeling of discomfort / pain in the mouth. This can be alleviated by mouth wash with an appropriate mouth wash product or a preparation of quarter a teaspoon of unrefined sea salt in warm water – I recommend Sel de Guerande from Brittany. With either preparation gargle to dislodge the virus from the throat and swallow. Once in the stomach the virus is destroyed by natural Hydrochloric Acid.

If mouth breathing occurs the virus then imbeds itself in the pharynx/ larynx – giving symptom of sore throat. This now gives the virus direct access to the lungs where it then multiplies causing symptoms of increasing shortness of breath and fluid build-up resulting in Pneumonia. At this point the virus can now be spread via droplet infection from the infected person by sneezing, coughing or contaminated tissues / door handles/
clothing or anything that has been contaminated by the infected person.

For personal and family protection it has never been more important to protect ourselves and ensure optimum health.
We can do this by following advice that has been publicised by your local health authorities.

Keep hydrated – if the virus is in your mouth having regular hot drinks will flush it into the stomach where naturally produced Hydrochloric acid will kill the virus.
Hand hygiene – keep hands clean- wash thoroughly ensuring both sides of hands cleaned, and all fingers / thumbs covered with soap and well rinsed, use hand sanitiser frequently.
Cough, sneeze - ensure mouth and nose covered by use of tissue/ clothing / hands etc. - this prevents cross contamination and limits spread of the virus.
Self-isolation - At the initial onset of any of the previous mentioned symptoms self-isolate for 14 days - this will reduce the risk of infection to others and early intervention / treatment for the individual affected.
And remember: Keep calm and close your mouth

I am happy to discuss any of the above and can be contacted below.

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