"Being coached by Jill made me immediately feel at ease. She has a calm and professional manner and really gave me the space to open up and talk. I felt we had a good rapport and also felt comfortable opening up to her about a subject I hadn’t talked about for a long time. By doing this and addressing where my limiting belief had come from I was able to see a way to move forward. Thank you so much!"

- Kelly Cox

"Working with Jill has been life changing, I can breath freely with no inhalers for the first time in years. This should be available on the NHS."

- Justine Mair

"When this  restrictive quarantine is over I will be right over to give a hug to Jill McGowan, the woman who saved my life"

- Anne C

"The best thing about Buteyko is Jill , she made me better"

- Sean age 7

“Since learning Buteyko I asses my asthma by the amount of stairs I climb to my office - I now manage all 83 without stopping or becoming breathless - Thank you Jill!"

- Mrs Anne Campbell

- MP Cambridge


25th June 2002 House of Commons Adjournment Debate secured - Drug Free methods of managing Asthma

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